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Welcome to Whatton-in-the-Vale Parish Council web site. Whatton is situated approximately 3 miles east of Bingham and is in the borough of Rushcliffe in the County of Nottingham.
The Parish Council was formed in 1934 when the population exceeded 300, the Parish Council has an establishment of seven councillors.

Best Keep Village - Judge's Comments

GR Redford 30th July 2018
The following are the comments from the 'Best Kept Village' judges. 'An extremely attractive village with the potential to do well in the Best Kept Village competation. The performance was good but the village needs to focus attneetion on the details. There was much to admire about the avenue of trees along the Main Road, the village hall and the green amenity spaces.

There should be a concerted effort to see that public footpaths are well-maintained and give good access. The footpath through Griffins End was partially hidden by a parked car, obstructing whiich was between two houses and led to an open field. The entrance through a gate was overgrown with nettles and there was no finger post indicating the direction of the footpath.

The bus shelter was newly decorated. Nearby was a useful heritage board indicating points of interest. The Parish Council notice board has a BKV Notice. Are villagers invited to take part in litter picks etc.?

Domestic properties were very fine. Many had well cared for gardens. The Lawns and Conery Gardens had tried with their gardens we were disappointed that the roads and pavements with not of the same standard. We noticed weeds in the gutter and some moss on the pavements. Some verges had not been attended to ans were obscuring signage. Some derelict awating development could have been considered for exclusion. The Church of St. John of Beverley was in an attractive setting. Tombstones remained upright and neatly aligned. Grass had been neatly trimmed. Jubilee Hall and its car park were very neat and tidy. The viallge green was tidy and partially used as a childrens play area.

Peter Holland
County Organiser.'


Neighbourhood Plan project cancelled

Gregg Redford 29th June 2018
Reluctantly the Parish Council has had to drop plans to produce a Neighbourhood Plan.

The Parish Council had extensively advertised the project to every household in the parish, requesting volunteers to join the Steering Group.
Unfortunately only five people responded offering their services.
The potential workload involved in producing the plan requires at least twelve committed individuals as well as community support (through working groups) to establish proposed policies and of course community support for the final draft.

Regrettably, the Parish Council concluded that there was insufficient interest in the project to make it viable.

The Parish Council did thank those five volunteers for their interest and commitment.


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