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Welcome to Whatton-in-the-Vale Parish Council web site. Whatton is situated approximately 3 miles east of Bingham and is in the borough of Rushcliffe in the County of Nottingham.
The Parish Council was formed in 1934 when the population exceeded 300, the Parish Council has an establishment of seven councillors.

New Villager Bus Service

Chris Ward 16th June 2017
The following information has been received from Chris Ward - Manager, Transport and Travel Services, Nottinghamshire County Council.
The proposed Timetable can be downloaded from the Downloads section or by clicking here.
'I hope to be able to advise you who will be operating the new service at the end of June following a short procurement process, timetables and full information will follow as soon as possible after that, your help in circulating this would be greatly appreciated. We are initially looking to award the contract for 2 years to try and get some stability in the area, during this time I intend to review the service and will be inviting representatives from each Parish/Town as we have done previously. I recognise that this situation will cause some concern to your residents, we are however trying to minimise any disruption and maintain as much of the service across the whole area as possible within the budget available.


If you have any queries regarding this please do not hesitate to contact me.


Kind regards,




Chris Ward

Manager, Transport & Travel Services'


Annual Parish Meeting Minutes and Planning Object Notes.

Gregg Redford 3rd June 2017
UPDATE: The Minutes of the Meeting and the fuller Notes of the Objections discussed at the Parish Meeting are now available for download from the Download Section or from the Lastest Downloads section of the bottom right of the HOME page. Both documents are in Portable Document Format (PDF). If a Word format isa required please contact us.

One hundred and three Residents, the Borough Councillor Cllr. Maureen Stockwood and the County Councillor, Cllr. Francis Purdue-Horan attended the Annual Parish Meeting.
The single topic of discussion was the proposed development of 90 houses on land south of the Old Grantham Road. The meeting chaired by Parish Council Chairman, Cllr. Chris Grocock, by a show of hands showed unaminous objection to the proposal.
Concern was expressed (among other issues) as to the impact on the Bingham Health facilties, Bingham parking problems, traffic at the A52/Grantham Road junction, the potential of traffic using Dark Lane. Mill Lane (Aslockton) to access the New Lane junction with the A52.  Concern was also expressed at the factual inaccuracies in the Planning Statement and the cursory nature of the Traffic impact assessment.
The impact of the proposed new junction on the Grantham Road on the iconic 'Avenue of Trees' was a cause of worry for many (if not all) if those present. Cllr. Maureen Stockwood informed the meeting that she had applied for Tree Preservation Orders to be placed on the trees. She also informed the meeting that the Borough Planning Officers were vigously defending the Local Plan Plan (Core Strategy). Cllr. Francis Purdue-|Horan also informed the meeting that there was some positive moves in improving the 'Housing Supply' situation in the Borough which would be helpful in the Borough refusing inappropriate and unsustainable applications such as the one currently on the table for Whatton.
The issues and the impact on 'Material Planning Considerations' raised at the meeting are currently being collated and will be published on this website in the next two to three days.


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