Aslockton FP13 and Whatton FP 19
GR Redford 19th October 2014

The enforcement work to open up the footpath which leaves Whatton FP 1 just over the bridge and connects to Aslockton FP 6 by the railway crossing  was carried out successfully on the 16th October 2014.

  • A gate and steps have been installed at the Aslockton end
  • double posts marking gaps the fences along the railway line installed - a throw-over rope has been put on the last paddock so that the horses prevented from accessing the rest of the field.
  • Waymark posts have been installed at the gap in the hedge towards the far end,  the top corner and where you get onto the flood bank at the Whatton end (Notts County Council were not allowed to put then on the flood bank by the Environment Agency)
  •  the chestnut fence has been cut back on the flood bank at the Whatton end
  • the field gate has had the padlock removed, the gate rehung so that it opens easily and the barbed wire taken off nearest to the latch side. 

    It is now up to the public to use the path responsibly.   Users are reminded of their responsibility i.e. 
    - to pick up dog mess, 
    - keep dogs on leads when in the field with the horses and  
    - not to let their dogs run around the rest of the field, 
    - they should be on the path with the owner and not stray off it  - the field is not public open space but a right to walk the path and stay on it.

    If users notice any changes to the path, such as the padlock  being reinstated on the field gate or any obstacles placed across the Right of Way, please contact the Rights of Way Team:

TBH - Countryside Access

Nottinghamshire County Council

County Hall

West Bridgford



Tel 0115 977 4802


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