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Web site problems

22nd April 2014 GR Redford
We've experienced a problem with the database that provides the news and some of the 'header' content for the website. We are working to recover the data, but it may take a couple of days. Some of the pages will appear 'semi-blank' until we resolve the problem, In the meantime please bear with us. more...

Please watch your speed

17th April 2014 GR Redford
A number of roads in the parish do not have footpaths and motorist have to share the road with pedestrians. Please remember that and keep your speed down. 30 mph is much too fast in those situations. This is your community please keep it safe for all road users. more...

Dog fouling problem

1st April 2014 GR Redford
The vast majority of dog-owners in the parish are responsible and 'clear-up' after their animal. There is a minority however who allow their pets to foul public places (footpaths and verges) and do not clear it up. That minority is reminded that: 'The Rushcliffe Borough Dog Fouling Order was introduced in January 1998. An on the spot fine of £50, or a more...

Housing Needs Survey

1st April 2014 GR Redford
A Housing Needs Survey taken in Whatton in the Vale by Miles King on behalf of the Midlands Rural Housing Association has resulted in a need being shown for three affordable properties.  A survey in nearby Orston had shown an identical need there and consideration is being given to a joint scheme being progressed. It is understood one landowner in Whatton has come forwa more...

Langar Recycling plant

31st March 2014 GR Redford
 Whatton-in-the-Vale parish council website has already reported the proposal to close the Langar Recycling site. Nottinghamshire County Council Councillor Robert Butler organised an on-line petition against the closure.  Despite 2,300 signing a combination of the on-line petition and paper one, Nottinghamshire County Council approved the Budget which included the more...

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